Creating a Nutcracker Theme With Outdoor Christmas Lights


Some people love to decorate their yard elaborately for Halloween. For others, the season for total lawn decorating comes with the Christmas season. Of course, outdoor Christmas lights are a natural choice for any Christmas theme. However, if you’re looking to do something different, like the Nutcracker theme, it can be more complicated. A few things to consider are:

o Staying away from traditional Christmas decorations

o Using theater props

o Having imagination and creativity

Outdoor Christmas Lights For Theater Props

The basic scene that most people try to recreate is the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” This immediately draws certain ideas to mind. In particular, the picture in people’s minds is of sparkling white. Of course, it is a natural choice to use white outdoor Christmas lights to recreate a sparkling white and frosty backdrop for your nutcracker decorations.

Using Your Imagination and Creativity

Of course, the Nutcracker is a ballet. With that in mind, you have an opportunity to use fabrics in a very creative way. In order to recreate the Nutcracker theater theme, a combination of outdoor Christmas lights and ballerina tulle can be used. This is especially beautiful when decorating trees or porches.

Nutcracker Decoration Caution

Following this theme requires one word of caution. The Nutcracker theme immediately makes everyone think about ballerinas. One of the things that is amazing about dancing is the ability to float in the air. It can be a real temptation to buy a mannequin or make a giant doll and dress it to look like a Nutcracker ballerina. Of course, this doll is decorated much like an angel or ballerina with lots of fluffy white materials.

Everything seems like a good idea until it comes time to display your ballerina. Suddenly, you realize that you’ve made a terrible mistake. Unfortunately, one of the few ways that you could display your ballerina would be to hang it up. This can be a shocking sight for many people to see. They might think that someone has committed suicide in your yard.

A human size figure that is out of place is a big distraction for people in oncoming traffic. Unlike the ghost that hangs in a tree during Halloween, people will turn their heads to see what you have going on in your yard. It is a natural response of human beings to want to take care of other human beings. They will look in your yard to make sure your ballerina is not human because of instinct. If you want to display a large decorated ballerina, choose someplace like a front porch rocking chair. You can use outdoor Christmas lights to draw emphasis to the ballerina.