Create Your Ideal Female Body Shape Now

No woman needs to be told whether it's "safe" to go to the beach wearing a bikini. Women's body shape sensitivity is legend. Who can doubt the powerful drive to create the optimal body image, when looking to attract the perfect man, create a marriage with children and all that goes with it. The good news is that a world of science, technology and money has combined to create a host of low impact body contouring treatments as well as proven safe cosmetic surgery techniques to create the ideal female body shape right for you.

Modern gadget-rich convenience-food culture creates a world of temptations, yet the body shape penalties can be overwhelming. You do not have to be middle aged these days to get a mirror reflection that reveals "we've got a situation here" … an outsized fat tummy, draping love handles, a fat back, loose sagging skin and upper arm fat , fat thighs that give meaning to the slang term "thunder", and all of the rest of those difficult-to-get-at body fat accumulations.

So, where's your inner true body image, and how can you "release" it to become the attractive, youthful-looking real you again? Good news is that high tech science-driven body contouring medical devices are spilling onto the market, adding to your cosmetic surgery and traditional exercise acting in the role of a butt and thigh shaper.

Low Impact Womens Body Shape – Vaser Liposuction . Imagine leaving surgical scalpels in the drawer, reaching instead for a ray of light! Well, this body shaping wish has come true in the form of proprietary Vaser liposuction, which utilizes carefully calibrated light energy, beneath your skin, to gently break down and make-mush out of your thigh fat cells.

Here's how Vaser liposuction gets the job started on your female body image plan. Using a fine medical syringe, your board certified doctor initially injects a fluid combining mild anesthetic with a salt-based compound. Result? Your body fat cells, the proverbial "smart guy on the dumb row" sort of body cell are less structured and complex as nearby dermal tissues or connective tissues or nerve fiber. The fat little cells rapidly absorb the saline solution, with individual cells gloating into over-sized delight.

Next step is where the "business" end of Vaser liposuction occurs. A microscopic groove-channeled probe is carefully inserted gently under your skin (sub-dermal) and now the "juice" or ultrasound energy is turned on. Result? Those engorged body fat cell virtually burst at the seams, rapidly rendering into a mush liquid that can be easily suctioned. A skilled medical guy might help you to remove several pounds of nagging stomach fat using Vaser ultrasound.

Getting The Ideal Female Body Shape When Fat Volumes Are High. A bit of overweight has become the 'norm'. As you move up the Body Mass Index, where BMI measurements move onto or above 29, then you're looking for the body contouring 'big guns' such as traditional liposuction or tumescent liposuction. True fact, tumescent liposuction is serious surgery, and you'll need a prior health exam in order to qualify. Results spectrum? Where low impact Vaser liposuction treats discrete body contouring 'touch ups "measured in 1 to 2 pounds, tumescent liposuction goes to war against big volume fat deposits, allowing you to" harvest "as much as 8 to 9 pounds of unwanted tummy fat in a single 2 hour treatment. you'll make dramatic inroads on your pear body shape, but you'll need to understand the health risks and costs before undertaking this 'elective' surgery.

Lose Weight In Butt And Thigh Areas – The Lower Body Lift. An apple-a-day may keep you away from the doctor, but an apple body shape may be keeping you from the social life you'd like to have. No need to remain "anchored" by saddle bags of inner thigh fat, huge sagging love handles or a fat butt. Explore the proven body contouring possibilities of a lower body lift, targeting loose sagging skin and localized volumes of body fat. Where would your self esteem rise to if you could get rid of 20 pounds or more of localized fat deposit, or 15 inches of fat stomach girth? Learn more through the resource links shown below, especially how to qualify as a candidate for lower body lift surgery, picking the best doctor, understanding the whole gamut of surgery risks, costs and patient financing options available so that you can get your body image goals realized now.