Create a Diet Plan You Love


Late night TV, magazines, book shelves and everywhere else you turn today, people are claiming to have found the ideal solution to your weight loss problems. One group tells you to cut out all of the fat, good or bad, in their mind, it will all make you balloon out. Other people have this horrible fear of any carbohydrates, knowing this is going to quickly raise your blood sugar level and turn into fat. It seems there are very few people who come out honestly and say what we all know is true, not every diet works for every person.

Here is the secret they all claim to have patented: the best way to lose weight fast for you is a diet you're going to stick with for the rest of your life. It honestly doesnt matter if you're cutting carbs, cutting fat or adding up daily points. The diet you love and enjoy is the diet that's going to work for you. If you're cringing at what your diet plan has on the menu for lunch tomorrow, odds are you're going to quickly ditch it as soon as you hit your target weight, assuming you make it that far.

A really fast weight loss diet will not only make sure you're menu plan has fewer calories in it than you're burning, it will also suggest you include some sort of exercise in your daily schedule. Raising your heart rate for a short period of time will have a lasting effect on your metabolism, sometimes cranking it up for many hours.

When you stop to think about it, there is no reason you have to follow someone's published diet plan in order to be successful. Why do not you customize your own diet plan and make something that's going to work for you. That does not mean you eat fat and carbs all day long and call it your own special diet. That's not going to help you get in any better shape. In fact, this is what people do everyday in America and they're only getting bigger. What works best for you and helps you lose weight is a diet plan that includes the foods you like, but also watches your calories to make sure you're getting less than you're burning, and balances the ratios of fat, protein and carbohydrates .

The first step to your customized and personalized diet plan is to figure out what you're eating everyday as of right now. To do this, start taking notes on everything you eat. Write down every cookie and chip that Touches your lips and take the time to figure out the ratios of the vital nutrients. If you find out your fat intake is greater than 30 percent of your daily calories, you're probably going to want to cut that back. If you're carbs are over 30 percent, bring those back a bit. Look at the high carb foods you ate last week and ask yourself what you're going to reduce this week.

Make your diet fun and make it something you enjoy and look forward to each day. Take it week by week and do not rush into this. If you're looking at things with the right mindset, this is a lifelong process, not a short sprint to lose a few pounds. If it takes you 6 months to get your diet worked out and just the way you like it, so be it. At least you'll have something you can continue for the rest of your wonderful, healthy and fit days.