Crazy As it Sounds But Acute Edema Can Cause Back Pain

Acute Pulmonary Edema can be a cause for back pain. The build up of a lot of fluid caused by Edema can alter tissue cells and cause problems just like what happens when you over water plants. The plant will eventually swell up and then die.

How Edema affects your back is when Edema is in a certain stage. In this stage The heart will fail on one side. When the heart is stopped in this fashion, fluids are channeled to areas that go to the lungs. This can cause you to feel pain in the back.

Edema may be caused by many different factors. These factors include, excessive I.V. fluid intake, drug overdose usually by heroin, morphine and barbiturates. Myocarditis, MI, smoke inhalation and CHF are also causes. Adult respiratory distress syndrome and also Atherosclerosis have also been known to cause Edema.

Stress to the chest can also be a symptom from the partial heart failure. This can scar the chest and will limit mobility and affect the spines structure. This restriction will cause overarching of the back and pain can set in.

To find Edema, doctors will use a myriad of tests from ECG, Homodynamic monitoring, ABG testing and x-rays. Other problems may be discovered if one suffers from Edema such as: Digoxin toxicity, excessive body fluid (of course), artery blockage, blood clots, Hypokalemia which then can decrease the intake of potassium, Hypernatremia.

If Edema is found, doctors will reduce fluid intake and closely monitor I.V. fluids administered. Isometric exercises, bed rest, prescription drugs and oxygen are also frequently given to fight this problem.

Symptoms of Edema will be coughing, heart murmurs, partial heart failure, fatigue and many other various symptoms such as back pain may emerge.

The affects of Edema are many and this may include tenderness in the joints, muscles and cartilage. Ulcers in the legs and even veins in the neck can be affected that leads to back pain. To summarize how Edema can be the cause of back pain the first cause is because the heart is not pumping blood to important body parts such as ligaments, muscles, tendons, cells, joints and all connective tissues. Because of this lack of blood to these parts of the body, inflammation will occur. and thus pain will usually follow. Excessive fluid from these Edema conditions can cause pain in the back.

Millions of people around the world are affected by back pain. This back pain is caused very often by muscular and nerve problems such as those of Edema.