Could You Get a Hernia Mesh Settlement?


The Kugel hernia mesh is a device that has been used to fix hernias in many patients who are suffering from abdominal hernias, particularly at the site of previous surgical incisions. The little plastic mesh patch ring seems harmless enough. When the ring breaks near the soft tissue of internal organs the broken hernia mesh can have many serious complications.

Maybe you’ve suffered from hernia mesh complications after having one of these mesh patches implanted to fix a hernia. The complications include problems like fistulas, which are abnormal connections between internal organs, or punctures in the intestines and other organs. Any of these problems can cause or lead to infection, which can have other serious complications.

If you’ve suffered because of a broken hernia mesh ring, you may be able to get a Kugel mesh settlement to help you cover your medical bills and to pay compensation for suffering and pain. Many people, in fact, have suffered from complications of the hernia mesh and are in the process of bringing claims against the manufacturers for monetary compensation.

Why Can People Sue?

Those who haven’t been involved in medical litigation may wonder why someone can sue over something that was manufactured years earlier. The reason is that the manufacturers of the Kugel hernia mesh have been negligent in protecting patients from potential complications.

The fact that springs started breaking in the mesh inserts is bad enough. The problem, though, is that there are allegations that the manufacturers knew about this problem even as they were producing and selling the hernia mesh. Information released in 2007 shows that the manufacturers may have known about the problem months before they released a hernia mesh recall acknowledging it and preventing more patients from being harmed.

How Does it Work?

The first step to bringing about a hernia mesh lawsuit is to consult with a lawyer. A lawyer who is experienced in medical litigation will be able to help you review the relevant medical records and decide if your case can go forward. Then, you can bring an individual lawsuit against the hernia mesh manufacturer.

If you get a hernia mesh settlement or go through the entire lawsuit process, monetary compensation can cover a number of things. At the very least, it can cover medical bills associated with the damages. You may also get compensation for time missed at work as well as pain and suffering endured because of the Kugel mesh complications. Financial compensation can never erase what happened, but it can help you take care of the cost of the complications.