Coughing And Wheezing, A Remedy That May Work For The Common Chest Cold And Bronchitis

Sickness that brings on coughing and wheezing is experienced by most and no one has ever been immune from the ravages of floating viruses passed on from person to person that plague human existence. A nagging wheezing from mucus getting stuck in the air intake passages to the lungs and producing sounds that will drive anyone nuts stays ever present without assistance of removal from an outside source.

Coughing and Wheezing can be caused by many different conditions associated with ailments that constantly create rising mucus from the lungs or narrowed passageways that are the intakes of oxygen into the body to keep your body alive.

There are a minimum of 17 conditions that can cause wheezing. Most coughing is brought on by conditions that can lead to wheezing due to the fact that mucus in most cases has to be coughed up and the mucus gets stuck in airway passages that create the wheezing.

In cases of chest infections commonly referred to as “Chest Colds” where the common cold is taken in through a persons lungs and stays there, the lungs can constantly produce mucus to no end. You hack and cough up a large amount of mucus and five minutes later you are coughing up more. This hacking and coughing up mucus cycle seems to never end while wheezing that sounds like some kind of musical instrument is playing the same note for you all day and all night.

One of the most common causes of excessive coughing and wheezing besides the common cold virus is Bronchitis. Millions of people have this infliction that narrows the air passageways inside their lungs because of what is said to be spasms. Mostly Bronchitis flares up during the falling temperatures of winter as old age sets in. I might depict this as a Vagus nerve problem because the body’s capillaries expand and contract with external temperatures to cool and heat the bodies internal organs. A narrowing of the lung air passageways is said by medical professionals to be in, “Spasm” when the narrowing occurs but in speculation maybe the Vagus Nerve plays a part in Bronchial spasms?

Cough syrups have been formulated to thin out and loosen the mucus during a so called bronchial spasm to help the mucus pass up through the narrowed passageways. When the mucus is coming from a common chest cold it’s speculated that the constant flow of mucus is being produced to flush out the chest cold virus.

Asthma and pneumonia are two different stories than what I’m talking about in this article. Cancer can also cause wheezing and medical attention should be sought out if you cannot tell if your wheezing and coughing is coming from Bronchitis or the common cold virus.

My last recent “Common Chest Cold” I suffered from included the wheezing for the first time and trying to find a remedy for the wheezing wasn’t an easy task. Thanks to the internet I was able to find a remedy to help me through it and to my surprise what I found worked. I read plenty of web sites that have written about coughing and wheezing including web sites with natural remedies.

What I found that works well for myself is “Ibuprofen”, “Caffeinated Coffee” and a “Portable floor Heater”. I found the “Ibuprofen” remedy on a medical web site, the “Coffee” remedy on a natural remedy web site and I formed the idea on my own about using the floor heater from another natural remedy web site that talks about the steam from a hot shower loosening up the mucus in a persons lungs.

Most of the things the natural remedy web sites talked about really were an inconvenience as to the time they would last and wouldn’t work as well as I wanted for a home remedy. All the things on the medical web sites were drugs and surgery and avoiding the doctors is the game plan.

I tried “Ibuprofen” and noticed immediate results. “Caffeinated Coffee” helps but it is one of those remedies that wasn’t long lasting unless you drink coffee all day. I drink coffee anyway so what the heck! It does help some. I read that back in the days of old Coffee was the premier remedy for coughing and wheezing.

A “Floor Heater” is what really works and it seems like it resets the air passageways in a persons lungs from 4 to 6 hours along with slowing the production of mucus. I was reading about the hot shower and steam and I tried that with no long lasting results. I decided to get out my floor heater and breath in the hot air and, “BINGO!”, I hit the jackpot of clearing up the wheezing and stopping the coughing to the point I could sleep and function normally for about 6 hours.

I used all 3 remedies. All 3 work together well. Ibuprofen should only be used at night though. Only take two tablets a day because overdoing any over the counter pain medication is bad for the liver. A floor heater or even a blow dryer can be used all day. A car heater for times when your on the go. Just don’t get to close and inhale the extremely hot air or you could burn your lungs. I found 5 to 10 minutes at a distance of 12 to 15 inches up and away will do the trick. Do very deep breaths so the warm air completely fills all the passage ways in your lungs. Afterwards you may experience 30 to 60 minutes of some mucus coming up but this is just your lungs clearing out the present mucus. A very light wheezing may also be present but it will not be bad enough to drive you crazy.

This method of dealing with coughing and wheezing are my own experiences that work for me. If you have any doubt always see a medical professional and “Never” use over the counter pain relievers as a fix all. Never inhale extremely hot air! Put some distance between the heater and your face.