Cough Assist

When air is violently released from the lungs, accompanied by vibrational sounds due to some irritation of the sensory nerves in the respiratory tract, it’s called a cough. It is a complex process that involves the voice box, the chest and abdomen muscles that are forced to contract, making the voice box open.

Coughs are among the most common ailments affecting human beings the world over. A cough could either be mild or chronic and treatment should be sought on this basis. Cough syrups and other simple medications can be used to cure mild coughs and   bronchitis . Cough assist is just one of the ways to go about dealing with the more severe forms of a cough.

Cough assist, also known as a cough simulating device, is a device that is specially designed for cough patients. It works by making by making it easier for a person to be able to secrete bronchial secretions which sometimes become stuck in the trachea and refuse to come out on their own. This way, the respiratory system is protected from damage.

The cough assist comes in two types, manual and automatic. The automatic one has an Automatic CA-3000 brand name and the manual one is commonly known as Manual Cough control CM-3000. One good thing about this device is that it is portable and therefore convenient for use anywhere. Comes in handy for asthma patients and especially the old ones who tend to get weakened by the attack. Just to let you in on one more thing, it can also be used by people with high levels of spinal cord injury and those with neuromuscular disease.