Costly Prescription Drugs in US

It is truly said that people living in US purchase their prescription drugs on highest rates comparatively all over the world. All the medical facilities they get are quite appropriate but buying the drugs in US is quite impossible. You can not afford drugs and medicines if you have not purchased any health insurance.

Now the question is why prescription drugs are so costly in US? Well the pharmaceutical companies says that medicines are costly because it needs a lot of research and cost incurred in research is distributed to every unit they produce. So it ultimately increases per unit cost. They can not offer cheap drugs. A spokesperson of a pharmaceutical company says "it cost us nearly $ 800 millions to create and develop a new drug".

A survey was conducted by state Public Interest Research Groups in 35 cities of US. According to their survey, uninsured consumers in the Northeast pay the highest prices for 10 drugs followed by the West, South, and Midwest.

Pharmaceutical companies spend lots of money on advertising. Some 10 years back in US, there were no advertisements related to drugs and medicine. And now we see bundles of ads in every minute. One more blame on pharmaceutical companies is that they pay heavy prices to doctors to suggest or write their medicine. All these costs are ultimately to be paid by the end users.

One more reason why drugs are costly in US is that, there are number of insurance companies in US. Definitely if medicines are cheap, then there is no need of any sort of a health insurance company. If medicine costs are reduced, then thousands of the insurance companies have to shut down their business. It is an economic cycle which is running on and on.

Now as the prescription drugs are very costly. How a layman can buy such expensive medicines? For this purpose there are, as mentioned earlier, many insurance companies working in US. In US you can not go without a health insurance. You have to buy it at any cost or you have to avoid medicines. But even then there are millions of people who do not have health insurance. Almost 46 million people below the age of 65 do not have any insurance.

What insurance cost you, depends on many factors like age, health, income, family etc. Most of the insurance companies allow their buyers to pay half the price of the medicine. Most companies and organizations provide insurance to their employees as a benefit. People above 65 or who are disable, or those having low income can avail insurance paid by the government. Over 85 million people in US have insurance paid by the government like Medicare and Medicaid. And over 45 million people have no insurance.

Now what do these 45 million people do when they have to purchase prescription drugs? US citizens having no insurance prefer Canadian pharmaceutical companies. They provide medicines and drugs at very cheap rates. People purchasing from any Canadian company save upto 49% of money as compared to a US company.

People can purchase medicines from a number of online Canadian pharmacies or through their bus services. People can easily order online Canadian pharmacies without leaving their homes. This is one best way to have cheaper medicines while residing in US.

Some US people argue that Canadian pharmacies provide low quality or less effective medicines. But in last few years there are only 1-2 such complaints regarding Canadian products. So if you are short of money, do not panic you can visit online Canadian pharmacy and have a cheap and quality medicine.