Cosmetic Breast Surgery For Men

On one hand, the male chest is similar in structure to that of a woman. There is a nipple and areola that make up the visible part of the contour created by glands, fat and muscle. However, the male chest has a distinct look given the more visible muscle and less prominent glands. Many men seek cosmetic breast surgery to make their chest appear more masculine. The following outlines the most common procedures.


There are several medical conditions resulting from both genetics and from injuries which can result in underdeveloped or unevenly developed pectoral muscles. These abnormal physical appearances can negatively affect a man’s self esteem. Other men may become frustrated in being unable to achieve his desired physique with diet and exercise alone. Pectoral implants or pectoral augmentation, is a cosmetic breast surgery procedure available for these males.

It may be difficult to find an experience surgeon for this unique procedure but it is important to take the time to do so. Once inserted through an incision through the armpit, the implant must be sculpted into the most aesthetic position and secured in place with sutures. There are also several complications which can occur, among the most common being infection and the movement of the implant from its original position.


Males who have a condition called gynecomastia have excess fat and glands in the breast that create a more feminine appearance. The condition affects an estimated 40% of men although in most cases there is no known cause. A surgeon can treat the problem by removing the excess fat and glands through an incision in the areola.

In some cases, additional fat may be removed with liposuction. The surgery is generally not performed on obese men, who are encouraged to first correct the problem with exercise or weight loss. Some men may benefit simply from the removal of excess skin and loose tissue which causes a sagging or drooping look to their chest.

The uniqueness of the male form makes body contouring in men different for women so candidates must select a doctor carefully. Carefully interview them in regards to how they plan for male cosmetic breast surgery and review plenty of before and after photos to ensure you like the results.

In all cases, carefully evaluate your motives for seeking surgery. The most satisfied cosmetic breast surgery patients are usually those who have done the most research and have the most realistic expectations.