Corrective Shoe Inserts for Bow Legs and Pigeon-Toes

There is no such thing as perfert when it comes to a the human body; other than the concept of our being as a whole.  Unfortunately, we often have to compensate and work at over coming what health issues we have to make every day life easier and pain free.  Those that are bow-legged or pidgeon toed (knock knees) often incur foot and leg pain that can be over come with corrective shoe inserts.

Ideally one’s legs should be relatively straight from foot to hips.  If your dealing with bow legs or pidgeon toes, you understand that your legs from ankle to knees with bend outward or inward that causes stress in the foot, ankle, knees, hips, and ultimately -one’s back too.  Corrective Shoe Inserts are a heel insert or a 3/4 length shoe insoles made with an angle to compensate for the pitch of the ankle and foot strike on the ground when one is walking.  

At The Insole, we have helped many customers in dealing with foot pain.  From over pronation, supination, flat feet, high arch pain, neurophy, and/or plantar fasciitis, we have helped people deal with all the issues.  Often leg length discrepencies, valgus / vargus issues, bow legged, and pidgeon toed issues can be the most difficult factor to deal with -especially when added with another foot care condition.  Yes -it is recommended that you get a Doctor’s (podiatrist) opinion.  The calls we receive are when one doesn’t want to pay for $300-400 custom orthotics.  Yes -over the counter shoe inserts and insoles can assist with correcting your foot pain condition issues and can save you money too. 

By compensating for this pitch, one allows their feet to correctly go through a natural stride (walking or running) with an even disbursement of wieght and shock evenly against the width of one’s foot from heel to toe.  Properly positioning the foot with an even shock disbursement will relieve foot pain and the resulting ankle, knee, hip, and lower back pain that can result too.

The Insole’s corrective shoe insoles offer one the ability compensate for their leg issues.  Check out the best corrective shoe inserts Today!