Corpora Cavernosa Exercise – An Easy 4-Step Exercise to Increase Penis Size in Mere Weeks

The corpora cavernosa exercise is a kind of penis exercise aimed to increase its size. In case you are wondering, the corpora cavernosa are actually 2 chambers that run the length of your penis. It is made up with soft, sponge-like tissue. When you are aroused, blood will rush into these 2 chambers to constitute an erection. It is not difficult to understand, then, that the length and girth of your penis is determined by the size of the corpora cavernosa when it is filled with blood.

There are various methods designed to increase the size of corpora cavernosa, and the much talked-about penis implantation is one of them. It is a surgical procedure to remove the corpora cavernosa and replace it with balloon implants. This type of surgery is primarily intended to treat men with impotence problem, as the balloons can mimic the functions of the corpora cavernosa. With creative thinking, you can implant balloons that are larger than your removed corpora cavernosa and thereby gain a bigger penis. However, this solution involves potential risks and should not be recommended to men with normal erectile function.

It goes without saying that the corpora cavernosa exercise is the safest method to grow penis in size. It works by encouraging new cell growth and blood circulation in this part of your penis, and thereby gives it a natural and permanent boost in size.

The jelqing exercise is one of such exercises. All it requires is your hands and some private moment. If you want some quick reference, here is a basic version that you can follow through:

Step 1: Get yourself a 40% to 50% erection.

Step 2: Make a circle with your thumb and 4 other fingers of one of your hands. It should look like an OK sign.

Step 3: With your OK sign, firmly hold the base of your penis and gently move your fingers toward the head of your penis. Your hand should rest on the same area while you are doing this movement and not slide along the shaft of your penis.

Step 4: Once your fingers are as close to the head of the penis as you can manage, release your grip. This constitutes one repetition.

You can start out with 20 to 30 repetitions per session, and gradually increase to 50 repetitions. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity – men who have tried this exercise have reported real results within just a couple of weeks. In general, any men aged at 18 and above can do this corpora cavernosa exercise, but you should stay away from such program if you have serious health problem or Peyronie’s disease.