Coronary Heart Disease Diet – The Natural Remedy For Coronary Heart Disease

What is the disease of the heart?

A coronary artery is a blood vessel that takes blood to the muscles of the heart. The arteries are like narrow tubes. A greasy substance called "plaque" can be accumulated in the arteries, blocking or diminishing the flow of blood and oxygen through them. This can happen in any artery, but when it happens at the coronary arteries, the muscles of the heart do not receive the blood and the oxygen that they need to work in perfect conditions. The coronary artery disease can cause serious health problems, inclusively angina (pain or pressure in the chest) and attacks the heart. One of the major steps a sick person suffering this condition can take, is to improve his or her quality of life through a specific coronary heart disease diet.

What causes the coronary heart disease?

As much to the man, women can suffer coronary disease very often. This one can be hereditary, that is to say that is perpetuated among the members of a family. Probably, it is possible to be developed as you age and the plaque is accumulated in the arteries with the passage of the years. If you're in overweight, you can get coronary disease as well, or if you have the high blood pressure or diabetes. High levels of cholesterol can lead to the condition too. The coronary disease can be given as a result of choosing bad habits such as to smoke, to consume diets with high fat contents and sedentarism.

What is cholesterol?

The key factor to control in a coronary heart disease diet, is cholesterol. The cholesterol is a serious substance that the body makes and uses to protect the nerves, to form cellular weaves and to produce certain hormones. Also, it is present in the meat and the milky products that you eat. Several types of cholesterol exist: these include lipoproteins of low density (LDL by its initials in English) and lipoproteins of HD (HDL by its initials in English).

Cholesterol LDL is known as "the bad" cholesterol because it is possible to be accumulated in the internal part of the arteries, causing these to narrow even more because of the plaque. Cholesterol HDL is known like the "good one" because it protects arteries from the formation of plaque deposits.

Many foods, even if they do not contain cholesterol, contain fats that can diminish or increase cholesterol LDL or HDL. Every patient must speak with his doctor about how much his diet can affect cholesterol levels.