Coronary Arteries

The coronary arteries sit around the heart and are what provides it with fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients so that it can do the work it does. Coronary artery disease or otherwise known as CAD is one of the most common heart diseases. This disease is the result that happens when the coronary arteries that supply blood to the heart narrows. This can happen because of several causes with some of them being, plaque or cholesterol. When the arteries narrow, enough oxygen and blood is not supplied to the heart and may lead to chest pain, or breathing difficulties. As coronary artery disease may take years to develop, it can actually proceed unnoticed until it causes severe consequences such as heart attacks.

There are many other diseases that can also occur to your heart. As our heart is what keeps us alive, it is very important to cure these diseases straight away. Some of these diseases can include heart attacks, atrial fibrillation, heart failure and   edema .

Heart attacks happen when the coronary arteries are blocked and the heart is starved of oxygen. The coronary arteries are what bring fresh oxygen to the heart muscle. Without this supply of oxygen, the heart will start to weaken and will be unable to pump blood around the body. The blockage of the coronary arteries is usually caused by plaque build up which is made up of cholesterol and other damaging substances.

If you experience any symptoms such as: chest pain/ angina, fainting, vomiting, tight or pressurised feeling in the chest area, dizziness, breathlessness or nausea, it is critical to call an ambulance straight away as an untreated heart attack will endanger your life.

Another example of a severe heart disease is heart failure. Heart failure is a very common condition that occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood around the body. This happens when the heart can’t fill up with enough blood to keep us healthy or when the heart does not have enough strength to keep pumping blood. In most cases, heart failure is caused by some kind of disease. Some of these damaging diseases include coronary artery disease, diabetes and high blood pressure.

These conditions damage the heart severely which causes it to become weaker and weaker along with time. Eventually, it becomes so weakened that it is unable to pump blood around our body and keep us healthy. When heart failure occurs, it is important to treat it immediately as leaving it alone can increase the weakness of the heart.

 Oedema , also known as  edema , is another harmful heart disease. It is when the fluid within some tissues in the body accumulates abnormally. This condition most commonly occurs in the legs and the ankles. Sometimes it can also occur in the lungs, in which case, it is called pulmonary  oedema .

The easiest way to keep away these kinds of heart diseases is to keep your body and mind healthy. This is due to the fact that conditions such as obesity, diabetes and stress can increase your chances of obtaining these diseases.

Therefore, make sure to encourage yourself and others into staying healthy and keeping away from things that can harm us. For more information on heart diseases, click here