Coping With Stress, Depression, And Anxiety!


Stress, Depression, and Anxiety: Put It in Its Proper Perspective!

Do you sometimes think there is nothing you can do about your stress, depression and anxiety levels? You have too many bills to pay, too many responsibilities to meet, and simply just too much to accomplish in a day.

You can say that again !!

The other day I had just finished paying the monthly bills (a necessary chore I simply hate to do), I was late for my Yoga class and driving faster than I should. In order to save time, I passed on the shoulder of the road. Only for a short distance … after all, that pick-up truck ahead of me was doing the same thing!

Lo and behold, would not you know it, the police stopped me. Just my luck … the cop did not understand my pleading, I was late for class, I was a poor retired teacher, it was my first time … they were all true! To make matters worse, the pick-up truck got away.

That did not alleviate the ticket I received and it did not alleviate the stress, depression and anxiety it created. It seems like sometimes you just can not do anything to control your these level.

Well actually, you have more control than you think you have!

The simple thought that you have control of your life is the essence of stress management. This includes learning and practicing relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or tai-chi and exercising. Your body can fight stress, depression and anxiety better when it is fit and you have control over your life. Of course that's always a good thing!

You probably agree, that in order to manage stress, depression, and anxiety you yourself must take charge of your life. You must control your thoughts, your emotions, your environment, and your activities (even if it is driving your car on the shoulder of the road).

You are the only one responsible for controlling the way of dealing with all of these things. In essence, you are responsible for balancing your life toward productivity.

Balancing Your Life

Think how you must balance your life to meet the demands you have: for work, for relationships, for relaxation and for play? Then you must develop the strength to hold up under the challenges of life and the pressures of stress, depression, and anxiety.

On top of it all, you must use management to recognize when the Stress, Depression and Anxiety come into your life and what is causing it. This is not as simple as it may seem!

• Is the cause and is it constantly hitting you in the face?
• Is it constantly producing undesirable thoughts, feelings, and actions that are stressing you out?
• Is it constantly worrying you or causing you conflicts?
• Is it the excuses, habits and attitude you use that helps to identify your various causes?

There are some other important questions you must ask yourself:

• How do you explain these problems? Is it temporary? Is it simple? Is it unexplainable?
• How do you define your situation? Anxiety? Is it part of you work? Is it part of your family? Is it part of your behavior?
• To what do you attribute to you life style? Do other people cause it? Is it caused by outside events? Is it normal and acceptable?

If you recognize and accept the responsibility for your stress, depression, and anxiety, that's the first step and maybe the most important. This begins to control and possibly eliminate your situations! Remember: Particular Thinking Leads To Particular Feelings! As do all others too.