Coping With Cerebral Palsy

Children with CP are more likely to have behavioral and emotional difficulties than the non-disabled kids, which may have a potentially deleterious effect on quality of life.They shouldn’t be treated with pity and sorrow as they experience life as most children do. Great deal of effort is needed to support the social and educational cause. We must recognize the similarity between disabled children and those of other children. Their rights must be ensured as citizens and not as disabled children. They must be allowed to participate in every aspect of society as non-disabled children do.


Every individual concerned, be it the parent, caregiver, or teacher, must aim at helping the child to be as independent as possible. It may be difficult but the parents must try their best to support the child to cope with CP.

Guiding the child in following way may be helpful:

o Help your child to be as independent as possible

o Support only when needed

o Speak out when absolutely needed

o Get him/ her to know other children with CP

o Technology helps to make mobility and regular activities easier

o Have a positive and realistic attitude towards your child


1. Try breathing techniques to do away with frustration.

2. Let the child vent his/her feelings by his irate and out of control behavior till the child is tired

3. Remember your child can do anything if he/she has a mind to

4. Do not worry if the child gets hurt. Just tend to the child normally

5. Give quality time to the child to make him/her feel comfortable in his/her surroundings

6. Look for an experienced therapist who has dealt with CP


Raising a child having CP is very challenging. After having a perfectly healthy child, the last thing a parent would want is that something terrible happens because of a brain injury. When something goes so terribly wrong, not just the child’s but also the parents lives are shattered as well.

The following tips may help the parents overcome the difficulties and cope with it:

o Be part of a support group with other parents having children with CP.

o Grieve if you must

o Continuing to have interest in your career, personal interests, friends etc. helps lower stress level.

o Spending some time for yourself away from your child helps.

o Don’t let self doubt creep in. Just think of the good things you did for your child.