Cool Magic Card Tricks – How to Impress Everyone With Mind Blowing Magic

I am sure you have seen and probably know how to do some of those easy "pick any card and ill find it" magic tricks. If you are like me, these got boring. I wanted to know how to do cool magic card tricks. I wanted to know how to float cards, make them change in someone's hands, and how to make a card appear in somebody's pocket.

Those types of tricks are very rare to see these days which is why when someone can do them, the person will be remembered forever. I am going to be giving you a few tips on how to do magic tricks as well as three cool magic tricks that will make others think that you are a pro!

Tip # 1

There is no rush. At first, doing card tricks may feel a little weird. Do not feel like you have to show these cool magic card tricks to your friends right away, take a day or two to practice them. What is worse, messing up on a card trick and everyone knows how to do it, or practicing for a day or two and nailing the cool magic card trick when you show it to your friends. The answer should be obvious

Tip # 2

Never do a trick in front of an audience until you have done the trick in front of a mirror. Mirrors are great because they show you what the audience is seeing. If you practice in front of a mirror that will help you know what angle you need to do your cool magic card tricks when you do them in front of an audience.

Tip # 3

Once you are ready to do the cool magic card trick, DO IT. Do not be afraid. You know when you are ready. Do not let nerves get in the way. Nerves will happen but just know that you have practiced this trick enough and it will be easy. The more you do tricks in front of people the easier it will get. Remember, if you mess up it is ok. I am a professional magician and I mess up on my cool magic card tricks every now and then, but as you do more cool tricks your audience will totally forget about when you messed up!