Control Hypothyroidism to Prevent Heart Attacks

The study was conducted on women over the age of 50 who had all the classic signs of a low functioning thyroid. The end result of the study suggests that it is beneficial to control hypothyroidism to prevent heart attacks.

The heart is a muscle as well as an organ that is very responsive to thyroixine, a substance put out by the thyroid gland. When there is not enough of it in the bloodstream, it can make the heart more susceptible to cholesterol build up in the arteries. The lining of the arteries with cholesterol deposits can build up over time and cause increased blood pressure because the heart has to do more work to get the blood supply through it. This condition usually leads to the patient having a heart attack.

Since scientific studies are showing that to control hypothyroidism to prevent heart attacks can be done by taking thyroid feeding supplements, a few products have been produced to do just that and are now out on the market. Prescription thyroid medicine is not without its side effects; so many people are opting for trying a natural thyroid supplement.

Shaped like a butterfly, and found in the lower front part of the neck, the thyroid gland does a great job of balancing out the body’s hormones and other functions. Thyroid glands have been known to become diseased, just like other glands in the body. One disease of the thyroid gland is called Hypothyroidism. It causes the thyroid gland to become under active. An under active thyroid gland can lead to fast weight gain because the body’s metabolism has been slowed down.


If you have an under active thyroid gland, you will probably suspect something is wrong. You may find that your ability to handle stress has really lowered and blood tests will show high cholesterol amounts. People with hypothyroidism are tired all the time. They have dry skin and brittle nails. The soles of the feet will be cracked and dry. Hair will begin thinning and falling out. Another tell-tale symptom is the fact that about one third of your outer eyebrows will vanish. Feet and hands will be cold all the time and extra weight will begin to show up even when you are not over eating. The body temperature will consistently read a little low when taking your temperature.


People who do not have low levels of thyroine in their bloodstream do not have all of the above mentioned symptoms. It is important to make sure you are feeding your thyroid with a good thyroid supplement. Today’s diets do not furnish what it needs for some people. If you have had a heart attack or would like to control

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