Conquer Depression Naturally


More than 20 years ago I faced depression. It was awful. I battled it alone and told nobody about it. I went to work at a job where there was a lot of social interaction. Over a period of time, with the help of God and that job, I was able to overcome the depression. However, I wish I had known then about these things that I wanted to share with you in this article. I think it would have been a lot better for me much sooner had I been aware of the following.

The nutrition you take in to your body is extremely important for your mental stability! There are things you should not do as those things may contribute to moodiness. There are also things you should do to help your mental state.

Let's start with some of the foods that are good to eat. Take note that these foods are recommended because they have certain vitamins and minerals in them that we need.

* Brown Rice has Vitamin B1, B3, folic acid and trace minerals.

* Brewer's Yeast has B1, B2, B3, plus other vitamins and minerals.

* Whole Grain Oats has folic acid, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6 and B1.

* Cabbage has Vitamin C and folic acid.

* Fish, especially salmon, anchovies, mackerel, herring and sardines. Omega 3.

* Nuts and Seeds have Omega 3 and B vitamins. Almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts.

* Greens. Avocados, mushrooms, pumpkins, green peppers.

* Tea has folate.

* Fruit for its flavonoids.

* Olive oil. Omega 3, the good fats that keep the heart healthy and help you live longer.

* Oatmeal, without sugar, has Vitamin B1 and B6.

* Potatoes, boiled or baked.

* Chickpeas, pulses, legumes, soybeans, lentils, butter beans, blackeye peas, kidney beans, for their B vitamins and folic acid.

If you are battling depression and are a meat eater, consider reducing the amount of meat you eat. Also, since highly refined foods can lead to depression, work at reducing them and any processed foods in your diet. Avoid caffeine, smoking, foods high in fat, and foods with sugar. Remember that about 74% of the processed foods sold in our stores do have added sugar.

Drugs to avoid that may contribute to depression, including antibiotics, barbiturates, amphetamines, pain killers, and beta blockers. You should see your doctor about any prescription drugs you are on to see if it is safe to eliminate them.

In today's world where our foods generally are not as nutrient dense as they used to be, you probably will also find it helpful to eat organically-grown foods as much as possible and to take some vitamin and mineral supplements.

Here's some additional tips that you can do for yourself to help conquer depression.

  1. Get plenty of sunshine
  2. Get regular exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercises such as running or jogging will increase the heart rate and release endorphins. Otherwise, you want to break a sweat to boost serotonin and other hormones. When possible, do your exercising with other people.
  3. Laugh!
  4. Take a high-quality superfood supplement.

You can get over that void, that feeling of emptiness that seems to have no way out. Our bodies were created by an all-powerful God who made us to have excellent physical and mental health if we use the very things He put here on this earth for our benefit!