Connecting With Your Source Opens Your Spiritual Eyes


Part of the problem in believing that you are a separate entity is that you are kind of out there on your own. It is you against the world and so the "survival of the fittest" mentality plays so well given the idea that you are separate.

You can not depend on or refer to any other source external to you for your own unique situations without some element of doubt as to the sincerity of their help. In other words you do not trust anyone but yourself, and you're not all that sure you can trust yourself. You have been disappointed many times by the consequences of your actions and wonder why you do some of the things you do.

You have tried going to God, who is separate from you, for answers but you are unclear as to where God stands on your particular issues. When you beseech him with prayer, you often encounter a deadly silence, and when you flat out tell him what you want it never seems to manifest itself in your reality. You can shake your fist at the heavens and rant and rave about your problems but all you end up with is a sore throat.

You have tried listening to the words of your friends and family, but you come to the realization that most of them seem to have bigger problems than you do and if they really do have any wisdom to represent you then why are not they wise enough to use it on themselves and fix their own problems.

You have listened to what you think are combined sources of wisdom from television or books and gleaned some ideas, but you are not sure that these ideas will serve you well. You find yourself floundering in a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčindecision because you have no source reference for what is true to you.

The separation that you believe exists between you and all other things, including God, has left you with a loneliness that permeates your being. It is hard and lonely living within the paradigm of separation.

Try to think of a place where it would never be dark. The only place that really fits that description would be the sun. Why? Because the sun is the source of all light.

Within the paradigm of unity and oneness we understand that God is the source of all that is and at God's core is love. So love is the source of all that is. We are created in the image and likeness of God and at our core is love. Who we really are is love, and love is the source of all that is.

So when we want to go to our source all we need to do is go within ourselves to find it. It is not external to us. It is within us and it always has been and always will be. We can tap into our source any time we want purely by going within.

The pure love that resides within each and every one of us is available to us at all times. You just need to be wake and aware of its existence. If you are sleepwalking you could spend your whole life in fear, hate and anger and never be aware that the source to cure all of these ills is within you. Instead, you look to the world external from yourself for the answers to all of life's problems. Then you do this, and you do that, in an attempt to bring peace and resolution to the problems that confront you.

The solution to your problems can be had as easily as closing your eyes and instead of listening to all the noise and distractions of your external world, you seek the silence of the world within you. Instead of fussing and quarreling with all the thoughts running through your head, you let the thoughts go away and begin to contemplate the stillness of inner peace. Instead of being separate from your God, you feel the oneness between the temporal, temporary being that you are, as you inhabit this planet, and connect with the God source from which you are born. Instead of living in the illusion of the world of the relative, you begin to know yourself in the reality of the world of the absolute.

It is from the world of the absolute that all things are known to you. You are not restricted by the voluntary amnesia that you agreed to when you entered this physical plane called earth. This is who you really are. An all-knowing being that plays this wonderful game of life for the purpose of knowing experientially all that you know conceptually.