Condition That Causes Frozen Shoulder

Shoulder muscles when under inflammation in turn creates scarring of tissue because of which thickening occurs that lead to shrinkage of the capsule around the shoulder joint that causes Frozen Shoulder. Any shoulder injury also causes Frozen Shoulder. At times without any injury also a frozen shoulder occurs that gives shoulder pain that raises up and stiffness of shoulder.

The hormone required for converting starches, sugar and other food in to energy is insulin. For some people insulin may not be produced as required. This metabolic disorder is diabetes. Diabetes Causes Frozen Shoulder to patients. Rotator cuffs are the muscle around shoulder joints because of this motion of shoulders take place. Much more than other joints shoulder joints can execute wider complex range of movements, rotator cuff is the main reason for this. Rotator cuff when injured causes Frozen Shoulder.

The shoulder joint not moved for long time or post breast or Chest surgery also Causes Frozen Shoulder to human beings. Places where two or more bones meet are termed as joints. Joints are the parts inside a human body that help him move parts of body. When joints inflammation occurs, it is termed as arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis and Systemic lupus erythematosus occur and the causes are unknown. Inflammatory arthritis occurs due to injury leading to osteoarthritis, hereditary, infection, uncharacteristic gout, pseudo gout. Inflammatory arthritis causes Frozen Shoulder. Frozen shoulder manipulation with a few incisions may be resorted to treat frozen shoulder

Tendons allow human muscle to move the bones. Tendons are very tough cords of tissue which joins muscle and bones. Tendons when inflamed are called tendonitis which causes Frozen Shoulder. Tendonitis is another name for tendonitis. Bursa reduces the friction between tissues. Bursa are tiny fluid filled sack (plural of bursa is Bursae). Bursitis causes Frozen Shoulder, an inflammation of bursa.