Computer Repair Equipments


Today, everything from large-size businesses to small-size businesses, from big houses to flats; big families to small families all need computers. They need computer maintenance and repairs on constant basis. Philadelphia is home to a large number of people in United States and is especially known for large commercial activities, so computer repairs become more important. Philadelphia computer repair services are used for both business and residential purposes. In business, Philadelphia computer repair offers services in workstation maintenance, network maintenance, IT consulting, graphic design, website design, internet marketing, PPC marketing, search engine optimization, virus cleanups, data recovery, remote PC support, etc. And residential services include computer sales, computer service & repair, wireless networking, virus/spyware removal, data recovery, virus protection, data security, etc.

There are many types of equipment related to computer repairs available in Philadelphia. These equipments are categorized under two major heads: hardware diagnostics and software diagnostic. Here are some of the main hardware diagnostic tools. Professional Hardware Diagnostic (P.H.D.) PC12 is very popular in Philadelphia computer repair market. In olden days Power ON Self Test (POST) cards were used but now P.H.D. PC12 is used. It tests a series of active diagnostics tests to detect the system failures. It integrates onboard flash firmware, video capability and memory which facilitate the card to test those motherboards that look dead. It is also able to run diagnostic tests even without the presence of BIOS, keyboard, memory, and video adapters or even in case they are defective.

Similarly, P.H.D. MiniPCI is used for complete testing of motherboards of portable computer machines. One of its latest versions is very frequently being used by Philadelphia’s system integrators, service technicians and developers for performing sophisticated diagnostic tests. RAM Stress Test Professional widely known as R.S.T. Pro, R.S.T. Pro2 and R.S.T. Pro3 are also good hardware diagnostic tools. It is used by design engineers, service professionals and system manufactures for hard tests related to RAM. Quick POST is the recently introduced tool in Philadelphia computer repair market. It is considered ideal for R&D and engineering departments. It allows you to monitor POST error codes from dual 7-segment displays while also remotely logging Port 80 & 81 POST error codes, power supply voltages and system temperature via the onboard RS-232 Serial Port.

Now let’s talk about some major software tools currently being used in Philadelphia computer repair market. Most popular among users and developers alike is QuickTech Pro (professional); it is used for quick rests and troubleshooting core system components and input & output devices. Its latest version is QuickTech 2010 which is being used for checking stability and reliability of drivers at the time of execution mainly. QuickTech legacy edition allows you to diagnose different utilities and QuickTech Hard Drive Cleanup helps you deleting slicked selected data from your hard drive, it is also used as sanitation tool. Finally, WinStress Test PRO (W.S.T. Pro) is a great tool used mainly for stress load testing the system’s overall performance. WinStress Test performs simultaneous stress testing on all core components and supports Windows XP, 2000, 2003 Server and Windows Vista.