Computer Addiction Symptoms


You may ask yourself “What are the symptoms of Computer Addiction?” The answer is: “They can vary according to the extent of the addiction”. For instance, some people may be only addicted mildly to the internet and computer, therefore, they display little nor no symptoms other than the constant desire to be using the internet or computer.

On the other hand, those suffering from severe computer addiction may display a variety of symptoms, some of which can be hazardous to health. There are some symptoms of acute computer-related addiction outlined below with a brief description of each.

*Mood swings and irritability when not at the computer.

One of the first, and the most pressing signs of computer addiction is when the person shows anger, irritability and mood swings when not at the computer. Very often, all lifes’ situations become insignificant and they feel they must get back to the computer. The person seems to be completely preoccupied and focused on nothing else other than getting back online or back to the computer. If the person displays this sort of symptom, then it is a sure sign that this person is completely addicted to the computer.

*Showing signs of a lack of interest in offline activities.

This is a huge indication that computer addiction has taken hold. A computer addict may totally ignore their offline friends in favor of forming online relationships. It could even reach the extent that they sever relationships with their family as well. This is one of the most tragic symptoms, and when this happens, the computer addict needs to seek professional help as they are showing severe computer addiction symptoms.

*Loss of sleep and the abandoning of commitments to spend time at the computer.

This has a drastic effect on the health of a computer addict. They will often lose all track of time and will stay up all night to be at the computer with little or no sleep. They rarely go outside for fresh air and sunshine which will obviously affect their health. Another tragic computer addiction symptom is when the sufferer abandons their commitments to work, school, college, study and family to favor computer time. The abandoning of commitments will have a long-term effect on the life of the sufferer. Loss of their job, poor grades and failure of courses.

*Not eating balanced meals and lack of personal hygiene.

A person suffering from computer addiction, will very often miss meals. This is because it takes time to prepare a proper meal, time which would rather be spent at the computer. A computer addict will often favor snacks, fast food and soda. Another thing to bear in mind is the fact that a severe computer addict will not spend time for their ablutions. Again, these fundamental actions take time and some important conversation or a bad guy on the game who needs to be watched and could be missed if the addict were completing his or her ablutions.

*Lack of concentration and motivation for anything other than the computer.

The lack of motivation for any sort of activity outside of the computer environment. Computer addiction will cause lack of concentration, which could be very dangerous for those operating machinery or driving. This could have an obvious tragic effect on theirs – and others – health.

Sadly, these computer addictions are obviously very dangerous and should serve as a dire warning to the family and friends of addicts that the person needs to seek professional help before they crawl deeper into a virtual reality world with disastrous consequences. All these symptoms are due to computer addiction.