Comprehensive Review of the "Depression Free Method" Program

The “Depression Free Method” is a downloadable healing program created by Dan Micheals. Dan Micheals suffered with depression for eight years and studied clinical psychology for ten years. And after reviewing his program, I believe that his experience and research have resulted in an informative and useful resource for individuals struggling with depression. Let me tell you why.

What you give:

One-time payment of $67.95

What you get:

“Depression Free Method” E-Book (61 pgs.)

“Depression Free Method” Audio Book (2 hrs.)

“Homeopathic Remedies for Depression” E-Book (73 pgs.)

“Insomnia Relief Methods” E-Book (67 pgs.)

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While initially downloading this product I became very disappointed. My first download was the “Depression Free Method” e-book and I noticed that it was only 61 pages long. When I saw this, I got a really bad feeling that I had been ripped off. In my mind, this was going to be the “meat and potatoes” of the program, and I expected it to be at least 150 pages. I proceeded to download the rest of the program feeling a bit skeptical.

I started the program by reading the “Depression Free Method” e-book. I found the content to be informative, accurate and highly useful for healing. It addresses most of the root causes of depression: guilt, lack of self-esteem, all-or-nothing thinking, hopeless thinking, persistent sadness and more. And even more important, it provides practical solutions to overcome these core issues. The book also educates the reader about the different types of depression and provides a thorough survey of the various classes of anti-depressant medications. The book ends with a 10 step plan for recovery that is practical and can potentially lead to healing, provided that it is followed.

My favorite part of this program is the audio version of the “Depression Free Method”. I remember when I was so depressed that I couldn’t think straight. Reading was very difficult and frustrating. Yet I was able to listen to audio and process information much more easily. Looking back, this was probably because listening is a more passive, stress-free exercise and; consequently, more appealing to someone who is depressed.

In my own healing journey, audio has proven to be my most effective learning tool. I used to drive quite a bit and spent many hundreds of hours listening to self-help healing products. And I believe that the repetition alone was the main reason for my own internalization of crucial healing knowledge. For example, I can still hear Tony Robbins’ voice in my head teaching that, “The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions that you ask yourself”. Or I hear Caroline Myss emphatically teaching that, “Victims do not heal”. Or I recall Lucinda Bassett reminding me of a universal truth that we all need to accept and simply deal with, “Life is not fair.” So clearly I am a huge fan of the audio that this program provides.

Next I downloaded the “Homeopathic Remedies” and reviewed this e-book. It proved to be more useful than I initially thought it would be. Even if one is not a proponent of homeopathy, there is still useful information about depression in the first half of the book that has nothing to do with homeopathy. Actually the first half of the book is a nice supplement to the “Depression Free Method” book.

Finally I downloaded the “Insomnia Relief Methods” e-book. Insomnia was never a major problem for me, but I read the book regardless. It provides a lot of educational material about the many different causes and types of insomnia. It seems like it would be beneficial for those that struggle with insomnia in addition to depression.

Let me wrap up by stating that I endorse this program. I was highly skeptical at the outset, but after experiencing the program in its entirety, I am of the opinion that is a solid healing program. The “Depression Free Healing Program” provides individuals suffering from depression with highly useful knowledge and equips them with the necessary tools to overcome their condition. However, whether or not an individual will experience healing is entirely dependent on their willingness to absorb this knowledge and use these tools.