Complications of Diabetes – Vision

Sometimes we just take it for granted when we have an instance of blurred vision. Being very busy as we are, we tend to dismiss such episode as maybe due to eye strain arising from spending too much time in front of the television or the computer. For adults, one should not rule out the emergence of diabetes when confronted with this episode. Diabetes is a very common but grave metabolic disorder that people generally take very lightly.

Many people who take diabetes lightly are not aware of the complications that diabetes can cause to a person. If you study carefully the complications, you will find that damage to the blood vessel is the main starting point for the complications. As the complications involve various important organs, people tend to equate these with the specific organs but actually it mainly involves the blood vessel. If diabetes is not properly controlled, gradually it will damage the eyes, kidneys, heart and the limbs. Aside the damage to the blood vessels, diabetes can also cause havoc to the nerves.

The diabetic complication that involves vision initially presents itself as blurred vision. This is a critical stage because the high blood sugar levels will cause the fluid to be drawn out from the eye cells. When this happens, the lenses will be affected and thus vision becomes blurred.

With further attack by diabetes, the blood vessels nourishing the retina becomes affected. When you have a long-term damage to these blood vessels, diabetic retinopathy develops resulting in blindness. In such cases about 2% of the people inflicted become blind after 15 years of diabetes while about 10% of these diabetics live with severe visual impairment.

It is thus very critical for everyone to be aware of the complications of diabetes, and an early detection and control of this metabolic disorder will save lives.