Complications of Celiac Disease

Too much gluten intake will lead to a serious health issue. There is a disease characterized by the rapid damage of intestinal lining within the small intestine because of too much gluten intake. At some point, it is very beneficial for us to know the complications of developing the Celiac disease so that we will be armed with adequate knowledge on the things that we can or we can not do.

Since it is already established that too much gluten intake will lead to the celiac disease, we have to guard ourselves from Gluten .. However, given that you have already developed this digestive disorder, you should also know the possible complications along with the disease.

This article will discuss the possible complications of the Celiac disease if left untreated. This article will be beneficial to any of us who are vigilant with health and be educated with the complications from a simple digestive disorder such as the Celiac disease. A person with the disease is most likely to develop Osteoporosis. Since the person diagnosed with the disorder has difficulty absorbing calcium and Vitamin D, which aids bone development and strength, is will eventually lead to weaker bones and even fracture.

At some point, Osteoporosis is the worse complication if the body will lack huge amount of calcium and remains untreated.Another complication of the disease is infertility or miscarriage. Several hormonal imbalances result from the disease and might lead to sexual disability and miscarriage.Birth defects among babies can also be a manifestation of a mother having the disease since there will be lesser intake of folic acid among mothers.

This can manifest by poor development of the spinal parts resulted from lack of nutrients essential for the development process.If worse comes to worst, although it is a rare scenario, the Celiac disease might lead to intestinal cancer. If the disease remains untreated over time, and there has been an excessive damage within the small intestine, there is a possibility to have cancer cells developed therein. Although this is a rare possibility, we should take this into consideration since most cancer cells are evolving fast.

There are other diseases that might arise side by side with the celiac disease. People who have the disease is most like to have other health issues such as thyroid diseases, high risk of developing Diabetes, specifically the Type 1 Diabetes, Lupus, and Rheumatoid Arthritis. These are just some of the common complications for developing Celiac disease.These are just some things that we have to know in order to guard ourselves against too much intake of gluten. If you try to analyze the cause of these common complications, it all boils down to one thing.

That is the inability of the body to absorb nutrients from the food we avoid developing other complications that might lead to a more serious illness, make sure that we lessen the intake of gluten in the body. Remember that big things start from small beginning. If we make sure that we are getting the right energy from the food we eat, as well as make sure we are guarding ourselves against possible communicable disease, we can make sure that we will be living a healthy and longer life.