Complete Information on Congenital Torticollis


“Congenital” means a condition which is present at the birth. The congenital torticollis occurs or little time after to the birth. This is known as a torticollis muscular congenital. The congenital torticollis occurs when the muscle of neck to the top which races and towards the back of the neck of your baby (muscle of sternocleidomastoid) shortens itself. This reduces the head of your baby and with a side. The muscle can sometimes be stretched or torn during the birth of the baby. Causes of tear bleeding and inflating, and the fabric of scar replaces a part of the muscle, making it shorter.

The congenital torticollis are caused by a problem of bone in the part of neck of the spine (cervical spine). This is known like congenital malformation of the cervical spine. The symptoms of the congenital chin of torticollis moves to a shoulder, whereas the head inclines towards the opposite shoulder. Usually, the head inclines towards the line and the points of chin on the left, meaning the muscle on the good side is affected. You can note that your baby cannot move his head as well as other babies. You can also note a piece in the muscle of the neck of your baby. Your professional of health will examine your baby.

Your professional of health can also check the hips of your baby. Congenital is treated by the exercises which stretch the neck of your baby. You can also play with your baby in the manners which stretch the neck. If your baby does not improve after 2 to 3 months of drawing. There can be another problem, or the surgery can be necessary to stretch or lengthen the muscle of neck. The piece in the muscle usually goes far only. If the congenital torticollis is not caused by a shortened muscle of neck but by a cervical anomaly of spine, the anomaly of spine is sometimes manageable.