Commonly Displayed Flags


There are many different types and themes of flags that you can display. You can display these flags by using a flag pole or a flag stand attached to your house. Flag pole installation is relatively cheap and easy so you can put one in if you do not have one. Or if you are not interested in putting a flag pole in or getting a flag stand than you can hang up banner flags on your house. As you can see there are many different types of flags. There are three most common flags that hang on or by American homes.

One of the most common pennants that Americans adorn there homes or yards with is the American pennant. The American pennant is known for it’s thirteen red and white stripes and it’s fifty white stars in a dark blue background. Many Americans like to hang this pennant up to show pride in their mother country. To Americans the American pennant is a symbol of patriotism. Quite a few American citizens like to hear their nation’s pennant flapping in the wind.  This is why it is the most common pennant that Americans choose to adorn their homes with.  

Another one of the most common pennants is a college or university pennant. Many people fly these pennants to represent the university or college that they attended. Others fly college or university pennants to represent the university that they are going to go to. Others have college or university pennants on their house or in their yard to show loyalty to a sports team. The most common pennants tend to be those of big state universities with strong sports teams. This is why it is one of the most common pennants that Americans choose to adorn their homes with.

Another one of the most common pennants is a holiday pennant. These holiday pennants are often as diverse as the United States of America is. Holidays range from Easter to Hanukkah to St. Patrick’s Day to Independence Day. Many people like to show holiday cheer through their various pennants. The pennants can be used to get you ready for the next big holiday on the calendar. If you drive around town then you will probably come across at least four different holiday pennants. They are often used to represent who you are and what you celebrate. For instance, if you are a Christian then you would probably hang up Easter and Christmas pennants to represent your religion. If you are Jewish then you might hang up a Hanukkah pennant that features a menorah. This is why holiday pennants are one of the most common pennants that American choose to adorn their homes or yards with.

Clearly, there are three prominent pennants that people in America tend to display. These three pennants are displayed so frequently for very different reasons. The American flag is displayed to express patriotism; university pennant, loyalty; holiday pennant, cheer. Pennants are used for many different reasons to express different things.