Common Non-Invasive Treatments For Sciatica Relief

Sciatica is characterized by pain in the lower back and thigh region that radiates along the sciatic nerve and often down the back of the leg. Although it’s a relatively common ailment, it also excruciatingly painful and often debilitating.

Each patient is different, but the possible causes for sciatica are nerve damage due to a ruptured lumbar disk, inflammation from some diseased condition, or pressure on the nerve. Often simple movements or friction on the nerve cause sharp piercing pain. Sciatica treatment varies from traditional remedies such as rest and over the counter non-steroidal pain medicine to advanced remedies such as acupressure, Biofeedback, yoga, deep tissue message, and chiropractic manipulations. Here is a list of non-invasive treatments for Sciatica.


Acupressure works by releasing blocked energy forces. Practitioners of this type of treatment believe as the ancient Chinese did, that the body is controlled by a force — chi — and when that force is blocked, pain, nerve and tissue damage results. Acupressure uses pressure over strategic body points to release the blocked chi. Once the energy is moving freely, the pain should subside.


Biofeedback is using the mind to control the body. This is useful when stress causes muscle tightening thus pressing on nerves. Those employing this method of mind control in treating illness believe that the mind regulates all facets of the body and when it is programmed with the right information, it will heal itself. In order for this to work patients must be tuned in and sensitive to what messages their aches and pains are telling them. In other words, they understand that pain is the body’s signal that something is not right. That something could be stress.


Yoga is dedicated to mind over body similar and so may sound similar to biofeedback. Yet, it takes this commitment further than merely listening to the body and acting accordingly; yoga is a life style. There are specific stretches and poses designed to strengthen muscles by applying both mind and body — thought and action — simultaneously. Breathing exercises is part of the regime to keep both mind and body aligned while directing certain exercises toward elimination of sciatic pain. Yoga is a way of treating the whole body. When the body is well, it can alleviate specific pains such as Sciatica.

Deep Tissue massage

Deep tissue massage loosens up stiff muscles deep inside the lower back that may be interfering with the sciatic nerve. Relieving the spasmodic muscles may lessen the tension on the nerve and allow it to heal. This has a soothing overall effect when done properly. Therefore, If nothing more traumatic than pinched nerves is causing the pain, the muscles will relax and the pain will gradually cease.

See Your Chiropractor

Time is of the essence when dealing with sciatica. If you are dealing with this type of pain, your first call should be to your chiropractor. In addition to spinal manipulation, a doctor of chiropractic may prescribe a combination of the above methods. Spinal manipulation is one of the best treatments for long-term relief of Sciatica because when the bones are properly aligned the nerve pressure is relieved.

A chiropractor is also trained to look for the root causes of your pain, which can include cancer or serious vertebrae damage. Although these diseases account for only about twenty percent of all sciatica cases, it is important to see a doctor that can properly diagnose them.