Common Misconceptions About Hip Replacement Surgery

With an ever increasing active lifestyle, we are no longer willing to accept painkillers as part of our lives. We want a permanent solution to any issues we are facing. With an advancement in medical and materials technology, hip replacement surgery can be a permanent thing already. With ceramic bearings gradually replacing metal bearings in the hip components, the wear and tear rates are lesser. However, there are many misconceptions out there about hip replacement surgery that should be clarified.

Better range of motion

While surgery may help to reduce pain and any stiffness in the joints, it can not help to increase the range of motion. Range of motion is fixed and can not be increased by any means.

It is meant for old people

Although people who are more senior are more prone to getting arthritis, adults of any age can experience pain in their hip joints. With minimally invasive surgery being commonly performed and the choice of surgery for surgeons, many adults in their 30s to 40s are already having hip replacement surgery. However do take note that if the patient is very active in his daily life, the hip replacement may not last as long as someone who is not active.

A long recovery period is required

Although hip replacement surgery is a major one, patients will require only around a week's rest in the hospital. However, it varies among patients and some are able to leave the hospital in just a couple of days as long as they can bear weight comfortably on their hip. Short term recovery takes roughly 4 weeks and a full recovery will take roughly half a year. Physical therapy will help speed up the recovery period.

It should be the last resort

Surgery is the last thing on people's mind and the same goes for hip replacement surgery. They prefer to go for medication, physiotherapy and other methods when possible. However in many cases, the pain is almost unbearable and only surgery can help to provide the relief required. When medication and physical therapy do not work, go for surgery immediately.

You have to give up sports after the surgery

This is totally not true. Some people opt for hip replacement surgery simply because they want to go back to low impact sports such as swimming and cycling. Do consult your doctor for professional advice before participating in sports though.

Advances in medical technology and surgical techniques have caused hip replacement surgery to be more fuss free than before. Patients have a survivor recovery time and the success rates are higher. Be sure to dispel all those misconceptions and go for surgery if it is really required.