Common Knee Instability Causes – Use a Knee Brace to Improve Your Stability When You Need It!

Do you have knee instability?

Hey, we hope you do not have this problem, but when you do it is time to face it head on!

While there are several factors that could cause your knees to become unstable, one of the most common instability causes is a torn ligament. This often happens to those who have injured themselves or have used the joint in a repeated fashion over the years. Other common causes of instability include too much weight on the joint as well as arthritis of the knee. – This may all seem like a good review for you, nothing you haven’t heard before, but the following segments of this article will help you move forward after you have realized you have knee instability.

Treatment for Torn Knee Ligament

There are a couple things that can be done with a trick knee – surgery to repair the ligament or conservative treatment with exercise and physical therapy. Most people who have a torn ligament will use a brace as a way to treat this condition, coupled with exercises to try to build up the muscles in the area. This can often help stabilize the knee. A torn ligament is not life threatening and many people would rather use the a well designed brace than have to face surgery for this condition.

Too Much Weight on the Joint

Losing weight is always a good idea if you are overweight. You will not only feel less pressure on your joints, but you will also feel healthier. Most doctors will advise you to lose weight and to also wear a brace to help support the joints. Hey, we are not saying that you are fat, but maybe losing a few extra pounds would help some individuals keep their knees more healthy…

Treatment for Arthritis

Arthritis does not usually cause instability although it can cause swelling and pain in the knee. Arthritis is characterized by inflammation of the joint. If you have arthritis, the doctor will most likely prescribe anti- inflammatory drugs for your condition and advise you to wear a brace. There are many “OA” knee braces that help you to maintain proper knee alignment and reduce your pain as a result.

Most of the instability causes you will hear of are due to stress on the knee, either from previous injuries, playing sports or being overweight. This is not a life threatening condition but can cause someone to become less active because of the trick knee. In cases where the joint pops, you will often hear the popping sound and feel a bit of pain. This is most often caused by turning the wrong way and putting too much pressure on the joint.

In many cases, instability of the knee will repair itself by keeping the knee stable with a brace. In other cases where the instability starts to interfere with life and causes pain, surgery may be recommended to repair the knees.