Common Illnesses Among Children

Being a parent is never easy. That is the reason why parents want to know what to do if their kids fall ill. Below are four of the most common illnesses among children.

One of the most common illnesses a child may get is the common cold. Common cold is usually caused by a virus or bacteria. Oftentimes, it is spread by direct hand-to-hand contact with infected secretions or by contact with contaminated surfaces. Treating colds caused by a virus with antibiotics would not work nor alter the course of viral infection. Antibiotics may kill beneficial bacteria inside the body and may even cause antibiotic-resistant bacteria to develop. The common cure for common cold is to let the illness stake its course. You can help the body recover fast by taking a lot of rest, drinking lots of fluids and taking a lot of Vitamin C. Decongestants can also be given to children to alleviate the nasal symptoms of colds.

Another common child sickness is measles. Measles is caused by a virus. It is transmitted through cough or sneeze of the infected person. Symptoms of measles are high fever, cough and small white spots inside the cheeks. Rashes eventually develop on the forehead, then spread throughout the body. There is no specific treatment for measles and most patients just recover provided they are given adequate support treatment. Home remedies can be administered to ease the discomfort brought about by rashes. Orange juice can be given to children with measles since the digestive power of the body might be seriously weakened. Oftentimes, kids with measles have no desire for food or water because of the lack of saliva that coats the tongue. Orange juice can be very helpful in overcoming these drawbacks. If the illness lasts for a much longer period of time, it is best to seek medical treatment.

Chickenpox is also another common ailment among children. This is caused by varicella-zoster virus and is transmitted by the cough or sneeze of the person with chicken pox. Having direct contact with the fluid from the chicken pox blister can also be a way for the disease to be acquired. During the early stage of infection, a child may experience high fever and then followed by an itchy rash and blisters. It usually takes 7-10 days for the child to get well after the first symptom appears. There is no exact cure for chickenpox; however, medicines can be taken to reduce the fever and itching.

Most children also suffer from tonsillitis that is often caused by a bacteria or a virus. Its primary symptoms are fever and swollen tonsils. Sometimes, white or yellow pus can also be seen on the tonsils. Children suffering from tonsillitis are most likely to lose appetite because of the pain they experience while swallowing. Tonsillitis caused by a virus will disappear on its own, but if tonsillitis is caused by bacteria, taking antibiotics is recommended. Kids can also be asked to gargle with warm water and salt to minimize the pain of swollen tonsils.

Knowing what are the common diseases among children, its causes, its symptoms, and how it can be treated helps on how you will address to your child’s needs while he or she is sick.