Common Hepatitis Symptoms

There are three types of hepatitis and they will all produce the same types of symptoms in various degrees. Hepatitis affects the liver and it is very important to recognize the symptoms.

Think about the last time you had the flu. In the very beginning you probably started off just feeling plain tired. So you figure you just have not been getting enough sleep. Then the next thing that hits you is you just do not feel like eating. You end up forcing yourself then you start to feel nauseated which then quite possibly leads to vomiting. Finally you realize that you have a bad case of the flu. Be aware that these are also the symptoms of hepatitis and you could easily overlook getting medical help because you think its the flu.

These symptoms do not go away when you are suffering from hepatitis. In addition to this you could develop loose bowel movements. You probably expected this because of all the stomach cramps you've been getting. You continue on with what you have classed as the flu but after several days it just does not seem to be going away. You still have no appetite or energy. You look in the mirror and notice you skin looks to have a yellow tinge to it. When you closer even the whites of your eyes appear yellow. Now you are getting a little concerned. Oh yeah you also noticed that your urine was a very deep yellow as well, yet you have been drinking lots of fluids. In addition to this your skin has been somewhat itchy.

So put all these symptoms together and take a close look at them. Flu like symptoms such as no appetite with nausea or even vomiting. No energy, loose bowel movements and occasional stomach cramps. Yellow skin and dark yellow urine, and itchy skin. These are all classic signs of any one of the strains of Hepatitis. It does not mean that you will experience every one of the symptoms but you must be aware of any of these symptoms or a combination of them that last for any period of time requires medical attention.