Common Compllications Associated With Obesity

Obesity has become a growing problem in today's world but never has anyone been more broadly affected by this issue than our children are. Research has shown that large numbers of children who are obese had parents who were also obese. While obesity is considered to be hereditary to a point it is also a learned behavior as well.

Many times people who are faced with the problem of obesity are so affected because they do not have the necessary information to prevent the problem. This is one of the largest reasons why health care providers now make such huge attempts to educate as many people as possible about the dangers of obesity and the dangerous effects it can have on a person's health. In addition to how it affects a person's appearance obesity can have many other effects some of which often lead to life threatening conditions. Some of the most common complications that can develop in relation to obesity include the following:

• Back pain
• Cardiac issues
• Breathing problems
• Blood clots
• Diabetes

Along with the physical conditions which can develop as a result of obesity there are many psychological problems which may also be associated with obesity. Of these one of the most common is low self esteem. Obese individuals often face such ridicule from their peers over their condition that their self esteem is lowered to such a level that they begin to feel they are completely worthless.

There are many factors that may cause a person to become obese. Among the most common of these factors is lack of proper nutrition and exercise. Eating right is not only important but essential to good health. But proper nutrition alone is not enough exercise is also an integral part of staying healthy and fighting obesity.

If you are someone who is having serious problems with obesity you should talk to your health care provider about proper diet and exercise options for your lifestyle and health. Never begin any diet or exercise program without first taking this step as it can have an effect on various medical problems that you may not even know exist.