Common Causes of Pain in the Shoulder Joint

As much use as our shoulder joints see on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that pain in our shoulder joint is very common. As with most joint injuries, it is of utmost importance to understand why you are experiencing pain in order to be able to find a way to treat it and successfully relieve any pain. The following common shoulder issues specifically involve the joint as well as the muscles and tendons directly correlating with it.

Bursitis is the most common issue when it comes to shoulder joint pain. Although the doctor may diagnose you with bursitis or tendonitis, these issues are both treated in the same way; therefore, it is not of vital importance to differentiate between the two. The shoulder joint is actually somewhat complex. There are multiple ligaments, bones and muscles that are directly involved in any type of shoulder bursitis or tendonitis. An inflammation in this area is the cause of a good number of shoulder pain complaints.

Many times there is an injury that sets the cycle of inflammation in motion. Once the shoulder is inflamed it can be difficult to stop the vicious circle of injury, inflammation and pain. There are many different ways to address the pain, including medications, exercises to strengthen the area and supplements. There are new and exciting areas of research that are concentrating on joint pain relief. One of the newest and most exciting supplements on the market is composed of CFA’s (cetylated fatty acids). These appear to be able to help reduce inflammation, cushion the joints and relieve stiffness. Any help with pain and inflammation relief is good news.

There are other reasons why patients complain of pain in the shoulder joint. Some people may experience a rotator cuff tear. This condition often needs to be taken care of with surgery. A shoulder dislocation, separation or a loose joint (shoulder instability) can also cause pain in this area. A condition called frozen shoulder also exists and causes stiffness in the shoulder joint. Many times physical therapy that includes a stretching regimen can bring relief for this problem.

There are many various conditions and injuries that a shoulder can sustain, so a trip to the doctor for a diagnosis and for treatment advice is never a bad idea. Most times a doctor should be consulted sooner than later. If your shoulder hurts so much that you cannot carry anything, there has been persistent pain for many days, you cannot raise your arm, or any type of deformity is present you need to visit with a physician. Also, get checked out if swelling, bruising, fever, redness or warmth is present.

Shoulder pain is common; still, it is no laughing matter. It can be irritating at the least and debilitating at the most. By being smart and proactive you can (hopefully) save yourself from a long drawn-out issue by addressing the problem and seeking ways in which to treat it. Talking to your primary care physician is the best place to start!