Common Causes of Heart Attack

Causes of heart attack have made people dumbfounded as heart attack is the chief cause of sudden deaths in the universe today. Heart attacks are responsible for most sudden deaths around the world today. It manifests commonly as sudden collapse and eventual death during strenuous exercise in a healthy looking man or woman. Heart attack is no respecter of persons, colour or gender. There have been cases of heart diseases in the world today.

Causes of heart attack have remained mysterious to some people. The instances of sudden deaths of international athletes such as Florence Griffith Joyner, the fastest woman sprinter of all time died suddenly at the age of 38 of heart disease. It was a shocking news to Americans on September 21, 1998 as the sprinter was in sound health. Similar cases of heart disease have been recorded in the world history. In 2002, a Cameroonian player died suddenly during the confederation cup semi finals in France. Heart attack killed him.

What is the definition of heart disease one may ask. Firstly, think of the heart as a pumping machine that pushes blood through a series of pipes called the blood vessels in order to provide oxygen to various tissues, including the heart muscle itself. The arteries that supply blood to the heart itself are called coronary arteries. If there is damage to the heart arteries over a period of time, it is called coronary artery disease or simply heart disease. On the other hand, if there is sudden blockage of the heart artery, the oxygen supply to the affected part of the heart muscle may be partly or completely cut off. The latter which may lead to sudden death is called heart disease.