Common Causes For Back Pain

Our back supports most of the weight of our body and it is exposed to most of mechanical stress. It is a problem of most people, this occurs when your muscles located in your back which supports your spine are constantly used. So what causes back pain? Back pain is basically left over from our previous activities that made our muscles to sprained, strained and used in a sudden way. Here are some common causes of back pain?

First on the list are strains. Muscles located in our backs can rip or tear despite of their sizes and strength. This is the result when there is a sudden application of force to your muscles before they are ready to execute for an activity. Along with the blood vessels the muscles rips which can cause bleeding. It will take 2 to 3 hours to feel the pain this time irritation and bleeding occurs. Pain, swelling and muscle spasms are the usual symptoms.

Next are sprains. This is a condition where your ligaments located in your back are overstretch beyond its limits where your ligaments are going to be ripped off and completely split down.

Pregnancy is also one of the factors of acquiring back pain. Hormonal and physical changes in a woman’s body took place during the whole pregnancy period. During these times women are prone to back pain since there is a growing baby inside their uterus. If you have poor posture or incorrect practice of posture before pregnancy the tendency is it can affect how your back adjusts to the changes. As your lumbar curve begins to bend it push your pelvis to incline backward. It starts to control the destabilized and tired muscles. The growing fetus can also cause pressure and pain straight to your nerves located in your lumbar area.

Other one is Osteoporosis. It is a state where you bone density and strength lessens causing your bones prone to fractures and more fragile than the normal; commonly experience by older people specially those postmenopausal women. At this time women has massive bone loss which results to lessening of bone strength which can lead to fractures in the spine area. Due to the subtlety of its signs and symptoms, people failed to notice till the time they had it already in their system. Commonly the target of Osteoporosis are your vertebrae, wrist and hip where it fractures causing it to deform and this time pain will take place. Your bones are prone to fractures if it becomes porous and brittle.

Last one is arthritis; it is a condition where your joints are damaged. The cartilage located between you joints were torn and worn out, this causes the pain. Common affected areas of arthritis are your hips, hands, knees and lower back.

These are just common causes of back pain. It very important to exercise, eat healthy and do a healthy lifestyle to avoid from unwanted pains. If the pain is there, do not self medicate for better results and relief see your doctor to keep you away from further injuries.