Common and Plantar Wart Removal – Essential Treatments That Are Not Only Cheap But Also Effective

Having even just one wart in a noticeable place can be an embarrassing burden, and warts in more discreet spots often hurt or cause problems for many people. While many salespeople advocate expensive procedures or doctors visits in order to remove warts, the truth of the matter is that many warts can be removed simply. Knowing the different remedies before undertaking any attempts to fix one’s skin will go a long way the next time a wart appears.

Warts are caused by viruses, and their transmission is often unpredictable. Many are aware of the folk advice related to frogs or certain types of plants and warts, however it is often unpredictable as to when and where a wart will occur. Hand wart (common wart) removal can be difficult due to the sheer amount of time humans spend using their hands. People have many things to do from day to day, and most cannot afford to have their hand out of commission for a number of days or even hours. It is for this reason that a quick solution is usually preferred in dealing with hand warts.

Certain gels and creams will freeze the wart away, which is a process that usually only takes several minutes. The process for these treatments varies by product, so it is important to always consult the package before using them. Burning is also a technique that works fairly well for wart removal. Do not apply direct fire from a cigarette lighter or candle to the wart. This is a dangerous technique and will only result in burns. Instead, light a match, blow it out, and immediately apply the blackened end to the wart, holding it there for several seconds. Done over the span of a few days, this will eventually cause the wart to turn into a blister that can be popped.

Aside from heat and freezing, there are several techniques that are more gentle, although they can take slightly longer to work. Soap and water is one such technique. Cleaning the wart with warm, soapy water, then using a nail file to grind down the wart will work well to excellently depending on the amount of pain one can tolerate during the wart grinding. After one has taken it down as far as they can physically, they should apply a pinch of sea salt to the wound, and tape over it. Three to four days later, the wart will be gone. For foot wart (plantar wart) removal, treatment is usually the same as on the hands. One technique, however, that is often used on the feet is duct tape. Keeping a piece of duct tape over a wart for several days is a simple way to diminish its appearance quickly over time.

Everyone gets a wart at some time in their life. While they have no benefit, they also rarely impede upon one’s life, aside from being an eye sore! One should not get overly anxious over the problem, as it is not life-threatening and instead should take steps to remove the wart simply and quickly with a technique that most appeals to you.