Commitment to Drug Recovery – How to Stay Disciplined in Your Resolve

Changing a habit is not easy and this applies to areas such as anger management, smoking, internet addiction and drug recovery treatment. When there is also a physical component to addiction, this adds an additional challenge.

Commitment to drug recovery means that you decide to stay away from substance abuse despite whatever your feelings or thoughts are telling you to do. This resolve can be supported by individual counseling, support groups and a sponsor as well as the facilitators in a rehab program.

Know that your mind is going to play tricks on you and tell you that giving in one time will not be a big deal. It will tell you that you can’t cope with the emotional pain otherwise. Just try to watch the different emotions and thoughts that try to seduce you back into the habit. Remember what it’s like when you have given into the cravings and urges. Think about how short the effect was of the drug. Look at how it made you feel guilty and depressed later. See the impact on your life and those you love.

Part of keeping your resolve strong to be free from the drug addiction is to stay out of the environments that were

part of the temptations. This means hanging out with friends that are still using illegal drugs or abusing prescription medications is not a good idea. Going to clubs or environments where you can easily purchase these substances is a dangerous thing to do.

Work on building your resolve, staying in supportive settings and remembering the past outcomes of the substance abuse in order to strengthen your commitment and get out of the old cycle.