Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Child Car Seat


The Combi Zeus 360 Convertible Car Seat. Wow. This seat is absolutely fantastic. Don’t get me wrong because nowadays what with safety laws and legislation and the thought of being sued, things like child car seats are as good as they have ever been. But this Combi Zeus 360 delivers absolutely.

Now I have to be honest, and admit that the Combi car seats are not an inexpensive brand. The Combi seats are however renowned for their quality. The moment I saw one, I wished I could have it. However, by the time we saw the Combi Zeus 360 we had already bought a Britax marathon 70, and in fairness, that is a fantastic seat as well. Our decision was whether to buy another Britax, which we knew was a fantastic seat, or pay slightly more to get the Combi Zeus 360 and take a chance on our new addition not really taking to it.

Game over. We bought the Zeus and have not looked back. There are so many fantastic features with this seat that I don’t know where to begin but he’s a brief list:

Combi Zeus 360 Features

  • It has an amazing 360 turn option
  • Tru-Safe Side Impact Protection, also known as EPS
  • Plenty of padding with the 5 point harness system
  • Is good for 5-33lbs when set to rear facing
  • and, 20-40 lbs forward facing

The thing I really like though is the way the 360 turn works. It is so smooth and flawless and means it is so much easier to get your child in and out of the car. Unlike normal car seats, which tend to be in their static position, facing either forwards or rear, this seat has a turn option, which allows the seat to be turned to face the door. This, of course, makes removing your baby from the car an absolute piece of cake. As well as this fantastic feature, your baby will find it so comfortable that you might be like me and find the tantrums seem to magically decrease. On the other hand, maybe I was just lucky.

The Combi Zeus 360 also comes with an adjustable infant insert that can be positioned to a 45 degree angle for newborns which is recommended. It also has removable and washable fabric.

Because it is quite a large seat, despite being sold as a convertible it probably isn’t practical for those who like to remove the seat frequently. If you are one of those types you are better off sticking with something like the Britax Marathon 70 which is slightly smaller and easier to handle.

Overall, I can say that this child car seat is probably just about the best one I’ve ever seen. There is some great competition but for me the Combi Zeus 360 is just about the best child car seat around today.