Colostrum – A Way to Cure Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a condition that is characterized by extremely dry, flaky skin that discolors and develops open breaks and sores. It is a condition that plagues many thousands of people around the world.

Psoriasis can be very embarrassing, as well as painful. Psoriasis sufferers’ skin becomes visibly flaky and covered with motley dry reddish splotches. The effect is very unattractive and can be devastating to one’s appearance.

Those who suffer from psoriasis are constantly searching for ways to manage their symptoms and control the periodic outbreaks that the condition brings on. One effective natural treatment/cure for psoriasis is colostrum.

Colostrum is the name for the first milk from the mammary glands of all female mammals immediately after giving birth. This “first milk” is a yellowish, thick liquid that will be produced during the first day or so after giving birth. Sometimes it continues for 2-3 days or more. This special ‘first milk’ is very important for new infants. It contains extra minerals, vitamins, and vital antibodies that protect from diseases until the infant’s immune system becomes strong enough to defend against these by itself.

Colostrum helps new small bodies resist and deal with pollutants that may be in the air all around them, keeping them from acquiring any autoimmune diseases from the beginning. The only known side effects of colostrum are that it seems to slow down the metabolic rate a bit. It also slows down the body’s fat-burning processes.

In all species colostrum is only produced for a very few days following the arrival of the newborn, and only begins to flow immediately following the birth. Human babies will get colostrum by breast-feeding. Adults can also receive colostrum’s benefits through taking supplements. All types of mammals produce colostrum in order to feed their young. It can therefore be collected from domestic goats, cows, horses or sheep. So colostrum is readily available from first milk from commercial farm animals.

There are several ways that the body can be helped by colostrum. It helps fight off harmful viruses and bacteria. It slows fat-burning, while at the same time encouraging the development of lean muscle mass.

Colostrum helps speed up healing processes of those who have been injured. It renews and rejuvenates one’s skin, keeps it looking new, youthful and healthy. It promotes intestinal health by helping to dispose of any excess waste materials. Colostrum works to keep joints functioning smoothly, promotes the growth of healthy cartilage. And finally, colostrum reduces anxiety.

You can find colostrum supplements either online or in many health food or vitamin and supplement stores. The key thing you want to look for will be that it says “first milk” somewhere on the bottle or package. Those who suffer from psoriasis use colostrum supplements for its natural ingredients that help to heal their skin sores and the damage to their skin. They also use it because colostrum helps prevent psoriasis outbreaks in the future.