Colon Polyps – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Colon Polyps could be understood as the freshly growths inside the large intestines. The large intestines are also called as colon and that is where Colon Polyps corps up from. This is quite a common medical problem and this gets surfacing with aging. More than half of the people who are above the age of 60 would be likely to have this problem. However, the concern is alarming when this growth is cancerous is nature. This would lead to deaths in most of the cases. This is why it is so important that Colon Polyps should be diagnosed and removed before it takes the shape of the cancerous one, causing deaths.

Despite being such a common medical condition, we still can not be sure about the actual cause of the same. The only thing that could be said about the formation of the Polyps is the abnormal growth of the cells. In our body the cells are produced and are divided as per the need of the body. These wear out in some time and the new once are produced, now, the problem here would be that the cell produced would keep dividing and these would not die and this would form Colon Polyps and stick to the inner wall of the colon before these would turn cancerous.

It takes some time for these Polyps to form and turn cancerous. The treatment is best before these turn in to cancerous Polyps. However, the symptoms should be looked for and you should know when to consult the doctor. Rectal bleeding could be an alarming symptom. Blood in the stool, constipation, narrowing of the stool, dirrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting or nausea could be some other symptoms. Although, these could be an indication for other things as well. Here, the same need to be checked for Colon Polyps. If the abdominal pain, changing bowel habits and blood in the stool are persistent for a week, then the doctor should be consulted. If you are above 50 years, a regular screening for Colon Polyps is indispensable.

There are different kinds of Colon Polyps and depending upon the one you are affected with the treatment needs to be undertaken. The treatment for Colon Polyps would save your life from these getting into cancerous one and causing death. Snare is a treatment method where these Colon Polyps are cut using a wire during sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. When these are too large to be snared then Surgery is required to clean the lager intestine. The Laparoscopic surgery options are best in this case for better results and speedy recovery. Another alternative treatment would have been the endoscopic mucosal resection – this is not a surgical procedure.

There a liquid is used which would detach the Colon Polyps from the inner lining of the intestine and these could come out with stool. The Colon and rectum removal is also another alternative treatment method, this is not extensively used. For only some rare and specific medical condition this option is opted for.