Collinsonia Root for Varicose Veins

If you or someone you know suffers from varicose veins listen up. I have discovered something that works.

Collinsonia root, otherwise known as stone root, is a not very well known natural remedy. But it is a great remedy, and I personally can attest to its healing properties. I have tried many things to help varicose veins, and I have found only two natural things that work: the raw food diet, and collinsonia root. In this article I will discuss the benefits of collinsonia root, and how it can help your varicose veins.

Collinsonia root is an diuretic, tonic, and vulnerary. A diuretic means it increases the secretion and expulsion of urine. A tonic means it strengthens or invigorates an organ, or the entire organism. A vulnerary is something that is a healing application for wounds, a topical application. This is what most books say collinsonia root does. But somewhere, in a little whole in the wall health food store called “Atlantis Rising”, a place that had a heated brick floor, and the employees were barefoot, and they played tripee music, and had all kinds of cool raw food books, herbs, and incense….they had the biggest herb book I have ever seen in my life. Twice the size of the largest Bible I have ever seen. I was, and am still a little jealous. But it was just sitting there on a table for everyone’s use.

In that book, I looked up the cure for varicose veins, this is a true story, and I found collinsonia root. I don’t remember the property that they gave it in that book, but I glommed onto it, found a Naturopathic college that sold it that was close by, and began taking it. I took 2 capsules, 3 times a day, and did not change my diet, which was a pretty standard American diet, add a little more veggies and fruit. After six weeks I would wake up itching! My varicose veins had been shrinking, and I believe the itching was a sign of further healing. My husband and I were shocked at the improvement that just this one herb did for my varicose veins. We had tried other things on me, but nothing got these kinds of results.

One word of warning. Don’t let anyone sell you the unground root. Buy it already ground, and put it in capsules yourself. The naturopathic college quit carrying the root because, well it’s not called stone root for nothing: it broke several of their grinders!

Do a search on collinsonia root to find a supplier. It is a pretty inexpensive cure for varicose veins.