Colds and Congestion – How to Help Your Child Deal With Cold Symptoms

The first time your baby has a cold can be unnerving. Listening to your child's small cough during the night and watching discharge run down their face can make any parent feel helpless.

What can you do to alleviate cold symptoms in your baby?

Well, first off, you can not give your baby any decongestants or cough medicine. Tylenol can be used, but you should ask your pediatrician first about the proper dosage. Unfortunately, babies are just too small for most medications.

Congestion can be helped naturally by either raising your baby's head as they sleep, or by running a hot shower with the bathroom door closed and letting your baby inhale the steam. A warm bath might help as well. You might find that your baby spends the night in your arms as you sleep in a chair sitting up. Although this is a technique you will not want to employ often, it just might be the trick that works for the night your child is fighting to get sleep.

Consider running a humidifier at night, but make sure that it is a cool mist humidifier. Mentholated vaporizers are not recommended for young infants.

As a parent, you want to fix things. If your baby has a cold, make sure that they are getting hydrated and are not spitting up too much formula. "Baby" your baby even more than usual. Use tylenol, but only as directed by your pediatrician. Check for a fever if you think your baby might have one and call your doctor if their temperature is elevated.