Colds – 5 Tips To Cure It Quickly!

Its that time of year again where the majority of us get a cold and feel miserable in part 1 of this article we looked at east ways to prevent colds. Here we are going to look at curing colds quickly.

Here are your simple cold cure tips.

1. Rest and recuperate

You need to rest up for a day or two if you get a bad cold and try not to do too much.

If you do rest up, you will recover quicker and not leave yourself open to getting secondary illnesses when your immune system is taking a battering.

If you have to work then make sure you get adequate sleep, rest and take things as gently as possible.

2. Feed your cold

Make sure you feed your cold. Get plenty of goodness to help boost your body and get plenty of vitamin C and B.

It's also important to replace fluid, as fighting colds dehydrates you and mucus is water.

So drink plenty of water or juice.

3. Gargle

Granny did it and you should to its as relevant today as it ever was.

Today most people do not bother and their making a mistake.

Use the combination below for an instant pick me up.

Try honey, lemon and ginger as a great combination to gargle and drink.

Honey is very soothing on the throat, lemon contains lots of vitamin C and ginger has been used for thousands of years for its potent anti inflammatory qualities.

Do this several times a day when you have your cold and it's an instant feel good drink.

4. Clear and warm your head

Put your head over a streaming bowl of water.

When you inhale steam it thins mucus and your head will feel cleaner as a result.

When you feel better your immune system cranks up a gear and fights harder.

5. Blow your nose gently

Do not blow so hard you feel dizzy!

When you blow your nose some mucus will go back in the sinuses. Colds make them full anyway and when more goes back in you are open to sinusitis.

If you blow too hard you clear the nose but if it dries out to much, it triggers the body to produce more mucus which is exactly what you do not need.

So blow gently.

Hopefully the preventative measures we outlined in part 1 of this article will stop you getting a cold. However if you are unlucky enough to get one, the above tips will cure the cold quicker and make the experience more bearable.