Cold Sores – What You Can Do While Treating a Cold Sore

Now you got a cold sore. You want to know about treating a cold sore. Well, there are some basic things that you should know. The most important thing to know is that it is a herpes virus. It is known as the herpes simplex virus 1. It is contagious and we will get into that in a moment. Just for now know that you are not alone. It is in about 90% of the human population.

It is contagious. That means you can spread it to other parts of your body especially the eyes and the genitals. This means that you can spread it to someone else, their lips, eyes and genitals. That also means that another person can spread it to your lips, eyes and genitals.

If it is spread to your eyes it is called an ocular herpes virus. This virus is very bad and left untreated it may cause blindness.

Also the virus can be spread to your genitals. Then you will have genital herpes. You can get this by touching your cold sore and then touching your genitals. But it can also be given to you by someone who has a cold sore and then they touch your genitals with either their lips or hands.

So what can you do? You should know that under general conditions the cold sore will last a week or more. The first thing you should do when treating a cold sore is to always wash your hands after you touch the cold sore. If you forget and touch the cold sore and then your touch the other parts of your body, you should wash them immediately. Any delay could infect the other body parts.

In keeping with not spreading the virus you should always replace your toothbrush. You should never share utensils, soap, washcloths, towels or razors with someone else when you or they have a cold sore.

Now that the precautions are out of the way, here are some things you can do to while treating a cold sore. Wash the cold sore frequently with warm water and soap. This will help keep any infections from happening. You should also apply an over the counter medicine that contains emollients or phenol. This helps to keep the cold sore from cracking and will soften any scabs that form.

You should also avoid salty, acidic or spicy foods. These foods can be irritating if they get into the cold sore. Also apply ice to the cold sore may help with some of the pain.