Cold Sores Photos

Pictures say a thousand words. It takes a keen eye to realize this. Fever Blisters are caused by Herpes simplex virus- 1 (HSV-1). It is a disease that affects anyone in any part of the world. Once in the body, the virus attacks the nerve cells, travels towards the ganglia and stays dormant. The virus is later reactivated in the body especially during stress. These blisters are seen around the nose and the mouth. They are usually itchy and give a tingling sensation.

The blisters then become red. This is followed by the oozing of fluid. All these result into a large irritating blister. Words can’t fully describe the blister. Cold sores photos will show you all you need to see. The pictures are available in many library books and articles. Visiting the library doesn’t have to be boring after all! Knowledge is power. If the blisters keep recurring, find out more information for better control.

Medical journals are another source of cold sores photos. They are usually found in medical dispensaries and clinics. The are easy to use and give up to date knowledge about diseases. They are written with the aim of informing medical students and doctors. This is the reason why they are continually reviewed. They can be quiet informative in giving information. If you do not understand some details, consult a medical professional.

It is difficult to deny the importance of Internet in this day and age. There are various web sites that contain cold sores photos. They also have additional information concerning the disease. However, be very careful. Ensure that the information is from a valid source.