Cold Sores and Ice

The combination of cold sores and ice might not sound so appealing, but applying ice to your cold sores is one of the most soothing things you can do to take away the uncomfortable pain.

So what can ice do for your painful sores, well major point i must make is that it will not cure your them. It also wont stop them from coming back each month, but some other natural remedies will. For instance did you know that simply applying a warm tea bag to your blisters will help take away the irritating pain. I will admit that I did not believe it either, but after putting up with them since i was young, i thought i would give it a try, and it works.

So you might be wondering if the ice does anything else to anything else to your cold sores? It can also stop the infection from spreading over a larger area. The ice can be applied to the affected area every ten to fifteen minutes. I know this might sound hard to do, maybe if your at work and can’t get access to a freezer. If this is the case, during the day apply Vaseline over the blister to stop it from cracking and bleeding.

So we have seen how a combination of cold sores and ice can help sooth the pain, and help stop your infection from spreading. Always make sure you only apply the ice to your skin for a couple of seconds, as permanent contact may cause further discomfort.