Cold Sore Treatment: Which Ones Are Most Effective

It is estimated that over 80 percent of the American population are infected with the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1), more commonly known as fever blister or cold sore. Although one may be infected, the symptoms may not necessarily show. Cold sores are typically found around the mouth but can also exist on the nose, cheek, and other parts of the face. The HSV1-Virus is extremely contagious and is easily spread through physical contact. Unfortunately there is not cure for the virus and once infected, it will remain with you for the rest of your life. Symptoms tend to appear more often when a persons immune system is weakened by many reasons including sickness or illness.

Cold sores may be irritating and the victim may feel humiliated when other people look at it. There are many over the counter medications for cold sore treatment, but most of them are made from harsh chemical which could leave a spot after treatment and they also show side effects like allergy. But there are many natural treatments and home remedies. Tea bag is one of the effective ways to reduce the severity of the blisters.

One of the more effective remedies is licorice root mixed with warm water can help lower speed up the healing process of a fever blister. Milk is another easy home remedy that helps to reduce swelling, making it less visible. For even better results, use high-fat milk which is more effective in reducing the symptoms of the herpes simplex virus.

Other home remedies such as lemon have also known to be effective if used in the early stages of the cold sore. You can either use real lemon juice or even the convenient sprays that can be found at most supermarkets. Applying the lemon juice to a budding cold sore can help to speed up the treatment. However, you do not want to apply the lemon juice to an open blister because it can cause irritation and even swelling, making the blister more visible. Like lemon, garlic is also an effect treatment for the herpes simplex virus. Also like lemon, you want to use it in the earlier stages and not on an open sore because of the potential of burning and irritation.

Using an over-the-counter treatment may seem more convenient and appealing than home remedies. However, home remedies have shown to be very effective with curing fever blisters and offer the benefit of no side effects.