Cold Sore Treatment: The Best Cure for Cold Sores

It is not easy finding good treatment for cold sores which is a very irritating and humiliating. There are a number of medications in the market and particularly online and while some are good, others are not as effective as they claim to be. A major factor in cold sore treatment and finding the best cure for the condition is dependent on the stage at which your condition has advanced to when the treatment has commenced. Most people who have had the problem are aware of the fact that it is always better to start treatment as early as possible and as soon as they become aware that the condition has developed.

The moment the blisters begin to occur you might find that the condition is quite problematic if you are not applying the correct treatment. It helps to know which cold sore medication is the right one for your specific condition. Instead of trying all the available bad sore treatments in the market, it would be better to get important hits that can help you find the best cures. Some of the best medications have approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There is Abreva which is an over the counter medicine with approval from the FDA and there is also Zovirax which is a medicine that has received approval from the FDA. There is also Denavir, Famvir and Valacylovir.

Abreva is the only over the counter drug that has been authorized by the FDA for the purpose of reducing the remedial period and the duration of the cold sore condition. Abreva is composed of docosanol which is a unique and patented active component that aids in the preservation of healthy cells from the bad sore contamination. Abreva has been certified as safe and children over twelve years and older as well as adults can apply it.

Denavir is FDA certified in the treatment of repetitive cold sores conditions. Beginning medication inside an hour of the infection will make the medication very effective. Denavir also reduces the period of time for the viral exfoliation. Early application of the medication Denavir will provide people suffering from cold sores great advantages although there are still improvements when the medication is commenced subsequent to the development of the blisters.

Zorvix is medication that has been given authorization by the FDA for the medication of recurring cold sores. The Zovirax liniment is a prescription that is given to people suffering with herpes cold sores particularly on the faces and lips. The capsules and tablets are prescribed for the purposes of treating other herpes bacterium like genital herpes, shingles and chickenpox.

Famvir has been given legal approval as a medicament for the obliteration or cure of repetitive genital herpes or repetitive bad sore. Nonetheless, Famvir is generally prescribed to medically deal with herpes zoster which is also mostly known as shingles.

The last medicine known as Valacylovir is a drug approved by the FDA for the medication of some herpes infections which such as herpes zoster which is an aching rush that is commonly called shingles, genital herpes and the cold sores herpes that occur on the face and lips. Valacylovir however should not be applied by people who have an immune system that is debilitating and in particular people with HIV infection or people who have recently had a kidney or bone marrow transplant. Valacylovir has the capability of posing serious side effect for people that could even cause death.