Cold Sore Tingling – Stop Cold Sores

Is there anything worse then waking up and feeling that tingly burning sensation of a cold sore? So you run to the mirror and you see the sad reality, you have a cold sore.

Before you put a hole through you mirror in anger check out these tips I am giving you to getting rid of the sore right now. Stop that outbreak fast right now!

Okay so there’s a few things you can do. Some people claim that keeping the infected area moist is a must, I say ignore that you want to dry it out ASAP. The only way the sore will heal in a timely manner is if you force the virus out. You can do this in a few ways. From the inside and the out.

You force the Herpes virus out from the inside by drinking lots of water, and loading up on the vitamin C. Maintaining a healthy diet also helps to defeat the cold sore. When you first feel the tingling or you see the redness of a sore place ice on it for 20 minutes straight. This will keep the swelling down, and halt the growth of the sore.

You can also apply anti-viral creams which you can acquire from your local drug store. Most of them work well, however the only downside is that they are very expensive, and sometimes they only make it worse. Abreva is a popular choice, however it only works if you apply it right when you feel the tingling sensations.